Longhorn Girl Gang


The tenacity in the grit underneath those defining moments of our lives. Who’s showing up for the dirt and trench diggin’ days, Who’s gettin’ on their knees to pray for your family when life has taken your very last breath to soldier on, its those who look at their biggest and solid regrets and set a match to em and the girlfriends beside you who throw gasoline on that and light it. It’s the sister afraid to spread her wings and fly, but gets on the damn plane anyway. It’s more than just femininity or women empowerment, it’s deeper and farther reaching than that. It’s the doers of your life, the ones that pull you up by your boot straps and tell you hard shit kinda women. Women who love their families with fierce hearts. Women who teach their children without complaint, the givers of time when they don’t have two penny’s to rub together. It’s goin’ huntin with my guy on a Sunday kinda gal. It’s the women patriots of this great Land we get to call , The Home of the Free and The Land of the Brave. These are just a few of the women in my girl gang. My show ponies, I admire you- each for your strengths and weaknesses and look forward to setting your doubts on fire and never looking back! 🔥
In the words of one of my hero’s “Let’s Go Girls!” ⁃ Shania Twain